15 Best Travel Pillow in 2019

15 Best Travel Pillow in 2019

A typical question that may be an exhibit to associate degrees soul with an insatiate need to travel or any company jet-setter who’s on the move each week: what keeps you calm throughout a flight?

Naturally, the primary reaction that involves mind is putting your head to rest with a travel pillow. Undeniably, buying a travel pillow is not an easy choice.

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Top 15 Best Travel Pillow in 2019

Products PhotoName Of ProductsRatingPrice
Truweo Posture CorrectorTrtl Travel Pillow4.0Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorEverlasting Comfort travel pillow4.3Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorBCOZZY Travel Pillow4.2Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorTwist Travel Pillow4.4Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorCabeau Travel Pillow4.2Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorJ-Pillow Travel Pillow4.2Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorMy Pillow Travel Pillow4.3Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorHuzi Infinity Pillow4.3Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorDaydreamer Travel Pillow4.3Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorVeken Travel Pillow4.8Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorSencezo Travel Pillow4.0Check Price
Truweo Posture Corrector3InDn Travel Pillow5.0Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorTravelrest Travel Pillow3.8Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorSkySiesta SNUG Travel Pillow4.3Check Price
Truweo Posture CorrectorPACK4TRACK Travel Pillow4.6Check Price

Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable (Grey)

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit with Ultra Plush Velour Cover, Sleep Mask, and Earplugs. Memory foam travel pillow is 100% pure with no additives and its made of the exact same material as the world’s leading memory foam manufacturers.

It’s not like other travel pillows. Its ultra plush velour cover features is an easy to use zipper and machine washable. Memory foam travel pillow also fits adults and kids in your adventures, you’ve undoubtedly tried other travel pillows, but you’ve never experienced anything like Everlasting Comfort’s Neck Pillow Travel Kit! This is the companion that makes traveling just a little bit easier and a lot more comfortable.

Trtl Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Nice colors (never embarrassed to wear it)
  • Nice cloth texture and light-weight.
  • Puts you to sleep a lot quicker
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • One size fits all (well, we are 5’1 and 5’5)
  • Cloth is machine-washable
  • Helps to mask the smell of smelly airplanes or smelly neighbor on the plane


  • Doesn’t fold flat
  • Gets too hot (definitely not suitable for hot summers, unless AC is blasting)
  • Some time not quite fit ear phones and ear buds comfortably
  • Velcro sticks to some materials

The Trtl Pillow has been strategically designed to prevent a stiff neck while trying to sleep on traveling. This is perfect for travel, the Trtl Pillow stops the need for you to lean against the airplane for head support, during rest.

If you’ve tried of foam airplane pillows, inflatable airplane cushions, travel bean pillows or an inflatable headrest. Then you know that how long it takes to find the best in-flight pillow, especially when the provided airplane pillow can be disappointing. The Trtl Pillow is scientifically proven to hold the head in a better ergonomic position than u neck pillow. The trtl pillow is a traveling pillow that you can use in the air, on a train, a bus or even on the sofa.

The internal system of Trtl neck support is combined with the Trtl scarf, a super soft, hypoallergenic polyester fleece wrap designed for optimum warmth and maximum comfort. This plush and fluffy neck pillow are much cozier than most travel blankets for airplanes.

Neck Pillow Pros & Cons


  • All agree these pillows are so comfortable.
  • It also feels like it is well made.
  • This pillow is made of a wonderfully soft material
  • It can be handled smartly


  • The earplugs did not seem to go with the pillow and sleep
  • The stains on the pillowcase hasn’t washed out yet.
  • Its not for children.


BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – Supports The Head, Neck & Chin in Any Sitting Position. A Patented Product. Adult Size, Navy

The BCOZZY Pillow is the only travel neck pillow that stops the head from falling forward. For its patented ergonomic shape wraps gently around the neck and provides good support.

BCOZZY is available for adults and children both. BCOZZY pillow’s special design is crafted for relaxing the head and neck muscles when watching TV or reading the book and for stabilizing the head for people having trouble holding the head up and need support or to sleep in an upright position.

BCOZZY is an absolutely lovely travel pillow. It’s perfectly fit in several different positions and really supportive.



  • The BCOZZY pillow is super adjustable
  • Cozy and soft material provides nice cushion for comfortable sleep
  • I traveled with a backpack and just snapped it onto the handle- easy.


  • Stuff material occupies a lot of real estate if placed in storage like a backpack
  • Has a tendency to feel like the pillow is constrictive if improperly wrapped around the neck
  • No breathable ventilation holes, so has a tendency to become warm if sweaty or air temperature is warm

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck, Chin, Lumbar and Leg Support – For Traveling on Airplane, Bus, Train or at Home – Best for Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers – Adjustable, Bendable Roll Pillow

This twist pillow’s most important thing is, it has a flexible joint that can bend into many shapes and allows you to adjust for your neck, head, back, and legs. It is made of strong, safe and soft material that will last for a long time.

This roll pillow has a memory foam inner core which conforms to your body’s contours for firm support. It’s made with a breathable cotton cover for maximum comfort.

This neck pillow bolsters have button snaps to form a U-shape. Its make it perfect used as a neck pillow and for carrying it around. This is widely used by adults and kids for their napping, relaxing and sleeping at anywhere.

Twist Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • It can nearly hold your head up on it’s own.
  • This is comfortable and soft.
  • You can bend it into about any position feasible, so that’s really nice too.


  • the uber-cheap flimsy plastic snap
  • It may look not good to everyone.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow – The Best Neck Pillow with 360 Head & Neck Support

It’s not like other neck pillows, the award-winning Evolution Pillow travel pillow provides fully 360-degree total comfort whether your head leans forward or to the side.

It’s proven to be more comfortable than an inflatable, microbead, & down neck pillows.

An additional raised layer and adjustable front toggles allow you to turn the pillow 90/180 degrees to provide improved chin support and comfort.

Cabeau Evolution Pros & Cons


  • Its made with most Responsive memory foam.
  • You get 360-degree head and neck support.


  • This product can expose you to chemicals including TDI, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer
  • Birth defects or other reproductive harm.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow, British Invention of The Year 2018 Version with Increased 3D Support – Head, Chin, Neck Support in Any Sitting Position, Attach to Luggage – Dark Blue

J-Pillow’s ingenious chin support keeps the head from falling forward.

It provides your neck support by filling the gap between head and shoulders making it the best-patented travel support pillow for travel and home.

It conforms and you can twist it in several positions. The design is so perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck, making it perfect for Airplane flights, cars, bus ride, trains, camp.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • J-Pillow supports your head elevated in perfect position for restful sleep.
  • It is so handy snap-loop fastener attaches to luggage, durable machine washable, more flexible than standard memory foam travel pillows.


  • It’s bulky in the sense that you can’t really fold it and it maintains its weird helmet-like shape all the time.

My Pillow Travel Roll n Go Pillow (DayBreak Blue)

MyPillow is the brand new MyRoll N Go Travel Pillow. MyPillow is so supportive, adjustable, cool fill in a pillow and you can take it anywhere.

It rolls right into its own pillowcase for a convenient way to carry this pillow. If you want to get full benefit then use it on top of your regular pillows.

You can use it for travel by plane, train or automobile. It’ll also provide lumbar support while working at your desk. If you want to get comfortable while relaxing then Use on the couch or chair for.

Great for camping or sleepovers. It can easily roll up into sleeping bags. It’ll provide pelvic support when placed between your knees.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • This pillow is perfect for travel.
  • Very comfortable
  • You can use it on top of a soft regular pillow or alone.


  • Just size problem without can not be found at all any preoblem.

Huzi Infinity Pillow – Design Power Nap Pillow, Travel and Neck Pillow (Grey)With the Infinity Pillow, you will feel at home anywhere. You have to adjust its versatile Mobius shape and transform.

it to fit the needs of the space you’re in. whether it’s the window, aisle or middle seat, or at home with the whole couch to lounge on.

You’ll get all support on Huzi Infinity Pillow like a neck pillow, back support, window pillow, desk pillow, eye mask, noise canceling pillow.

Huzi Infinity Pillow Pros & Cons


  • The original Infinity Pillow is the first Mobius shaped travel pillow that provides you comfort and gives you any sleeping position.
  • It gives you a perfect balance of softness and support for your entire journey.


  • It’s a pretty much big size pillow.

Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow – Luxuriously Soft Washable Cover and Compact Packsack with Travel Clip – for Lightweight Support in Airplane, Car, Train, Bus and Home – Gray

Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow is an inflatable Pillow. There is a built-in inflation pump. Press air release valve to deflate in seconds.

It’s not like memory foam, gel or microbeads. You can adjust the size to your preferred inflation level and firmness.

Your removable micro-velvet pillowcase is washable so now you can always travel with a fresh, clean pillow. It’s a lightweight and it has a carabiner clip.

Daydreamer Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow is a contour U shaped pillows.
  • That makes it perfect for traveling. Every men, women, and kid can use it.


  • They say it’s a perfect one but the only problem could be the pump.

Veken Airplane Train Car Memory Foam Foldable U Shaped Chin Neck Support Pillow, Travel Kit with Sleeping Mask and Earplugs, Blue

Veken Support Pillow is made of high-quality memory foam. This travel pillow is 100% pure without additives so that it rebounds slowly to remember your neck shape and hold your head in a position to provide great, long-lasting support.

For the lobe design of travel, the pillow has a contoured design of raised curve for jaw on each side that allows your neck and head to lean comfortably against the soft yet supportive memory foam travel pillow.

It’s a lightweight and Easy to Carry. It can be easily carried with a suitcase. In this travel pillow, there is an accessory pocket which creates space for your phone while you are having rest. Great use for sleeping anywhere.

Veken Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Light weight
  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • It’s compact and easy to throw in your travel bags.


  • It have not complain.

Inflatable Travel Pillow Sleep Aid – with Eye Mask, Earplugs, Carry Pouch – Airplane Pillow for Long-Haul Flights & Road Trips – Fast Inflate/Deflate, Compact, Fully Supportive Accessories

If you can’t sleep on a long journey. Then you can use the Inflatable Travel Pillow. This airplane pillow brings the comfort of beds to the seats of planes & cars. It’s a good choice to enjoy long-distance sleeping.

If you’re on a long-haul flight simply just pop out your table, place the travel pillow on it and rest your head.

It’s that easy. No more neck aches, back pain or feeling awful when landing.

Inflatable Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Eye Mask Set
  • Set of Earplugs
  • Handy Pouch with backpack clip


  • This inflatable Travel Pillow is not like the others.
  • If you are not comfortable with this position, then think before you order.

3InDn Comfortable Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Anti-Bacteria Neck Pillow Airplane Train Car Portable Travel Kit with Ultra Velour Cover 3D Sleeping Mask Memory Foam Earplugs

This travel accessory is perfect for your health. You’ll get 360-degree support, whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward High. This neck pillow fits perfectly to your neck to give you maximum comfort and ultimate support for your head and neck muscles and improves blood circulation.

This travel Pillow can be a great gift for anyone whose health is important to you.

In the time you are traveling with your friends or your family, you can take this portable kit with you. If you feel tired in your office, you can wear it, when you watching TV at home, you can also wear it for relaxing.

3InDn Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • it was a little bigger, it is very soft and it is like memory foam.
  • The design which makes the Pillow fit very well
  • And super soft and essay travel.


  • it does not hold your head up like other neck pillows

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow-Ergonomic, Patented & Best Adjustable for Airplane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small) (Navy)

This pillow is the only product that provides full lateral support for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer. It Promotes proper head and neck and cervical alignment. For its Patented design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.

For it’s patented ergonomic shape, the Travelrest inflatable travel pillow attaches to the ‘wings’ of an airline seat, headrest of a car, or can be worn ‘messenger bag style.

It’ll be nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road.

TRAVELREST Pillow Pros & Cons


  • This pillow is good for nap.
  • It keeps your head comfortably rested.


  • The pillow slips even when laying against the window.
  • It does not support head and neck unless you put it in your lap.

NEW!! SkySiesta SNUG Travel Pillow- Two L-Shaped, Fiber Filled Head Supports, Bag, Eye Mask

The SkySIesta SNUG Travel Pillow is made up of two L-shaped. It is fully filled with soft, non-clumping fiber. The two sides are connected by fabric and when you lay your head on this fabric the bottoms of the Ls turn inwards providing support for the chin,.

There is buckle that can be clicked to keep the pillow snug. The Pillow is washable and comes with a stuff bag and eye mask. The bag can be attached to any piece of luggage.

It’ll just keep your head from dipping all the way off to the left or right. The backing is a thin sheet of cloth, so it’s not pushing your neck forward.



  • It supports the head to the side and underneath your chin without tilting your neck forward.
  • it is to be able to rest ones head flat against the seat.


  • There is nothing in the back supporting your head so your head just falls forward it.

PACK4TRACK Travel Pillow – Versatile Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel. Designed to Support Your Neck While Sleeping in Any Sitting Position

If you’ll Sit for a long time and having a bad body posture leads to muscle pain and extreme discomfort for the head. If you think that there is no way a pillow can assure comfort and correct body posture. Then, you should try PACK4TRACK Travel Pillow. It’ll support your neck at your sleeping time.

This neck pillow has a revolutionary design that provides you with unlimited possibilities. It’s excellent for side, stomach and back sleeping use. And with this airplane travel kit, you can also be used as a lumbar pillow or neck support for the sofa.

PACK4TRACK Travel Pillow Pros & Cons


  • This is much more comfortable than it looks.
  • You’re supposed to thaw out the microbeads from behind you so that you can lay your head flat


  • This is a little HOT as you wear it.


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