About Us

My name is Alex. Due to the nature of my work, I need to stay long hours in front of computers and finally this unhealthy lifestyle turned into alarming signal for my body. I used to suffer a lot from neck, shoulder and back pain.

After spending several years go through different therapies, visiting doctors, trying new products, and exercising fitness methods, I eventually got my solution. After a systematic improvement, I feel less and eventually no pain when I rebuild my work and life routine that fit me and implemented the methods that strengthen my body. I am so excited that I found the way to relieve my body and soul.

After years of studying and exploring, I am also quite experienced on searching and identifying what will relieve the pains for people that have neck shoulder and back pain issues. After going through a painful situation and recovery, I understand being healthy is the simple most important thing in life. So I decide to share the knowledge and learnings on www.neckbackpains.com to help people to find the best treatment without spending lots of efforts, time and money like I did before. Let’s be healthy and happy.