Airplane Neck Travel Pillow with Sleeping Mask


Airplane Neck Travel pillow with Sleeping MaskAirplane Neck Travel Pillow with Sleeping Mask

Sitting for a very long time having a bad position causes muscle pain and extreme head pain. Do you think there’s no way a pillow can ensure comfort and correct body posture?

This airplane neck travel pillow with a sleeping mask is the most effective chin support. You can relax conveniently and make the most out of every long journey in airplane, bus, train and car trips. Therefore, just give it a shot, and you will never come back to a standard U-shaped airplane cushion. This traveling neck pillow with a sleeping mask is an eco-friendly, soft, washable cover, adjustable and a high-quality microbeads filler. Wear it on the go while watching TV on the sofa, couch or in bed.

This airplane neck travel pillow with the sleeping mask has an advanced design that provides you with limitless possibilities. With it’s outstanding for side, belly and also back resting usage. Probably, you can use this as a lumbar pillow or neck support pillow for the sofa. Moreover, you can relax while you work at the office or to sleep with your head pillow warmed during trips.


Product Features:

  • Made of an eco-friendly washable soft cover that will delicately caress your skin.
  • Has microbeads filling that enables the neck pillow to satisfy your body’s shape completely.
  • This travel pillow includes a convenient carrying bag that allows you to take pleasure in maximum hygiene.
  • It keeps your neck pillow secured from dirt as well as certainly free on the go.
  • With a built-in strap that allows you to connect your neck pillow to your travel luggage and carry it almost everywhere you go.


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