Clavicle Medical Belt Straightener


Clavicle Medical Belt Straightener

Clavicle Medical Belt Straightener

Back pain relief is currently one click away with the posture corrector. Reduce neck and back pain with this comfy posture corrector. Because of this, unnecessary stress and anxiety on your spine relive. Additionally, enhancing your health, posture, and self-confidence.

Made of lightweight mesh and neoprene. This posture corrector provides easy back support adjustments.  It allows a kind of fitting experience. The ergonomic Velcro and strap system works by distributing pressure in vital areas of the body. It leads to just the correct amount of tension in relieving neck and back pain. The inconspicuous design implied for convenience and unnoticeable all day wear.

Get your Self-Confidence back – In addition to the health benefits of using posture support. It will straighten your muscles & spine.  You will certainly start to stand taller with your shoulders pulled back. Moreover, body language is necessary for every circumstance of life.

Every detail of this unisex posture corrector is customized for giving the most effective back support. It enhanced the standard back brace with secure straps and, elastic materials. Also, metal rods for new spine alignment. It improves posture and health for years ahead quickly.


Ideal for the person who:

  • Work long hours at the office and continuously hunched over sitting at your desk.
  • Can no longer do day to day chores because of upper and lower back pain.
  • Neck and Back pain as an outcome of bad posture.
  • Frequently catching yourself hunched over while sitting or walking.
  • The desire to improve performance in sports or other activities.

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