Double Mesh Lumbar Support


Double Mesh Lumbar Support

Double Mesh Lumbar Support

Did long desk hours or weight lifting leave you with back pain problems? Correcting your posture and support your spine with this lumbar support. Ergonomic Lumbar support system – It is a contoured and orthopaedic design that support your lower back. It reduces soreness from oppression, fatigue, relieve pains and correct your posture.

Also, the double mesh lumbar support is compatible with almost any kind of chair or seat. Whether you plan to use it with your office or kitchen chairs, truck car seat or your favourite armchair or recliner at home even wheelchair. It ensures to do its job correctly.

Unlike many lumbar support cushions that are prone to make you feel overheated and uncomfortable after just a few minutes. However, this great lower back support mesh is designed to optimize airflow and ventilation. This way, it certainly keeps you cool and comfortable for hours!

Product Benefits:

  • Orthopaedic design to relieve back pain.
  • Use for long term
  • Reduced back pain treatment
  • Complete with user-friendly elastic bands.
  • Made of breathable mesh for convenience
  • The breathable mesh will undoubtedly keep you comfortable. It fits the form of your spine and gives support without putting unwanted pressure on muscle.

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