Head Chin and Neck Supporting Travel Pillow


Head Chin and Neck Supporting Travel PillowHead Chin and Neck Supporting Travel Pillow

The only traveling pillow that stops the head from falling onward. The ergonomic shape covers carefully around the neck as well as provides super soft and supportive. From the head, to neck as well as to chin.

Perfect for airplane trips because it works. You can customize it in anyways for maximum convenience. It provides comfortable napping while sitting in the aisle, middle or window seat.

This Head Chin and Neck Supporting Travel Pillow are lightweight, easy to carry. It can be attached with a snap band to the side of the carry-on or quickly compressed right into the bag.
Durable, and machine are washable.

Excellent for all types because it can assist you to get some rest and also sleep in any type os sitting position in the car, bus or even train. Ideal for home use – the unique design is crafted to relax the head and neck when watching TV or reading as well as for supporting the head up for individuals that need assistance or to sleep in an upright position.

Recommended Age and size dimension – The XL Adult size suggested for neck size 16″ and above. The kid size is excellent for children ages from 3 to 8 years of ages. One of a kind style gives the child a feeling of comfort and security. It protects against the chin from snapping or dropping forward and sidewards. Especially during a car trip. Not a safety device, for convenience only. Do not leave the child neglected while using the pillow.


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