Height Adjustable Computer Desk


Height Adjustable Computer Desk

Height Adjustable Computer Desk

The computer desk has it’s neck & spine pain reliever when you use with the standing mode. The height adjusted from 2.5-45.3″. It is suitable for most male and female user. You can place your computer and other office supplies separately because it has separated front and back panel. The stopper will certainly protect your computer on the front panel. Additionally, it can turn to 23.6×23.6″ table if you prefer to seat while working.

It’s the best companion for desktop, laptop and, even tablet. The split-top design with upper and lowers tiers provides sufficient work surfaces. This height adjustable computer desk is a sit and stand single workstation utilizes an innovative touch height locking mechanism. So you’ll able to adjust anywhere! Counterbalanced adjustment points enable instant tool-free-repositioning while you work. Additionally, shed extra calories by choosing to stand for periods of your workday.

This desk has 2 inches abs mute wheels with locking feature. It can move on the carpet smoothly. Moreover, to keep it stable, all you need to do is to secure the four wheels carefully. Moreover, easy to install. This computer desk can be complete in about 15-20 minutes by one person. They are repeatedly dismantling use.

Durable with 1.2mm steel structure, rustproof coating finishing, and 16mm environmental MDF panel. This desk has a one of a kind power cord holder under the front panel. It keeps your office clean and organized. Prevent the risk from dropping the computer accidentally.

Dimension: 27.5×23.4/26 lbs

Buy from Amazon https://amzn.to/2kVWbAm


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