Memory Foam Twist Travel Pillow


Memory Foam Twist Travel Pillow

Memory Foam Twist Travel Pillow

This memory foam twist pillow bolsters have button straps to develop a U-shape. It is ideal when using as a neck pillow and carrying it around. This pillow is commonly preferred by adults and kids for napping, relaxing and sleeping. The pillow cover can be easily removed and washed. This pillow is durable, safe and has soft materials that last for a long time. This roll pillow has a memory foam inner core which adapts the body’s shape for firm support — framed with a breathable cotton cover for maximum convenience.

Offers Custom Support – Unlike many standard traveling pillows contour to almost any shape. This pillow intends to give you customized support and pain relief.

Not just a Neck Pillow – This memory foam twist travel pillow is versatile and convertible. You can use it to support your head, back, shoulder or cervical spine. Relax while taking a nap, reading a book or when traveling.

A Must Have for Traveling – Traveling makes you feel sleepy. But with this comfortable pillow, you can take a nap on airplane, bus, train, and car. The deluxe memory foam cushions the body and relieves painful pressure points for best leisure.

Easy to Clean – This memory foam pillow covered with breathable, machine washable cotton. You can clean it quickly, keep it tidy and fresh for next adventure.

Easy to Carry – This pillow has a snap closure. This cushion can attach to your luggage or backpack. Moreover, it enables you to place the pad around your neck or use it as a car headrest.

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