Multi-Purpose Inflatable Pillow



Multi-Purpose Inflatable Pillow

This pillow gives full lateral support for the upper body. Additionally, making more accessible to relax sleep and remain asleep much longer. It promotes the correct head and neck cervical alignment. It keeps the head from falling forward.

Perfect for chronic pain patients. Inflates quickly with just a few breaths and deflates immediately. Nicely stored when rolled up and to minimize packaging. It has an ergonomic Patented style that offers proper support. For instance, it prevents tension and neck strain.

Multi-Use and Adjustable – Positioning throughout the upper body or downside. Wear it like a carrier bag or tether to an airline seat. Quickly loops over headrest in cars, trucks and airplane seat. Rolled dimension: 2x9x3.5″. Weight: 7 ounces

Inflatable / Washable / Adjustable – Perfect for Children 8 years above, and Adults. Great for airplane, buses, trains, and car. Above all, for outdoor activities such as camping and, backpacking. Also when watching TV, at the airport, even on wheelchairs.

With its patented ergonomic form, the inflatable pillow connects to the wings of an airline seat. Also on the headrest of a car or can be used as a carrier bag. Snuggling against the head and neck to give support and comfort in every trip when traveling. Additionally, side sleepers like it!


Product Features:

  • Provides Full Lateral Support for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer.
  • Promotes proper head and neck alignment, therefore, Keeps Head From Falling Forward.
  • Easily loops over headrests in cars and airline seat wings.
  • Position across the torso or down the side. Wear like a messenger bag or tether to an airline seat.

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