Portable Neck Pillow with Eye Mask


Portable Neck Pillow with Eye Mask

Portable Neck Pillow with Eye Mask

This portable neck pillow with eye mask has innovative chin support. It keeps the head from falling forward. Also, it gives neck support by filling the gap between head and shoulders. Additionally, making it the most effective patented travel support pillow. Therefore, it supports and maintains head elevated in a perfect position for a relaxing sleep. Moreover, the lumbar support pillow can also provide support for people struggling with a herniated disc or sciatica. Whether you’re experiencing lumbar pain throughout the day or you want a portable solution to keep your back healthy. The purple lumbar support pillow is the answer.

High Quality – This neck pillow is 100% pure memory foam. Quickly turn to any shape as needed and returning to the original form in one second. It has anti-yellow, anti-hardening and anti-bacterial. The pillow cover is 100% mini plush, soft, comfortable and slim. This neck pillow helps you sleep better and relieves fatigue.

Portable Traveling set – All the traveling set in a lightweight, portable and compact bag. This set includes pure memory foam traveling pillow, a sleeping mask, and a memory foam earplug. Travel conveniently via airplane, bus, train or car with this set. Relax yourself wearing the earplug and sleeping mask avoiding the light and noise. You can easily wash the removable cover easily.

Perfect for all Occasion – You can take this portable set with you when you travel with your family and, friends. When you feel tired in office, exhausted at home, you can wear it to relax.


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