Purple Lumbar Support Pillow


Purple Lumbar Support Pillow

Purple Lumbar Support Pillow

It is making use of our pressure mapping technology. The Lumbar pillow includes die-cut foam down the centre to reduce pressure along the spine. It maintains the thickness on the sides for the lateral support. Enabling a customised level of support is self-inflating. It can be adjusted with one hand to add essential comfort to a bad seat anywhere.

Additionally, this lumbar support pillow provides portable support for your office chair, your commute, or any other sedentary tasks. Additionally, this pillow is easy to use, comfortable to carry and is always on-hand for immediate relief. The lumbar support pillow can also provide support for people struggling with a herniated disc or sciatica. Whether you’re experiencing lumbar pain throughout the day or you want a portable solution to keep your back healthy. The purple lumbar support pillow is the answer. Therefore, the most comfortable back support pillow.

Product Benefits:

  • Perfect support for an office chair, sofa, recliners, concerts seat, restaurants. Also during the commute and a lot more.
  • Puncture resistant material for comfort and durability.
  • Lightweight and can deflate easily.
  • Can roll up easily during transport.
  • Easy and fast to deflate. Easy to keep when not in use.

Buy from Amazon https://amzn.to/2lCvMrS


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