Single Tabletop Standing Desk


Single Tabletop Standing Desk

Single Tabletop Standing Desk

It enables you to find that healthy and balanced in between sitting and standing. This standing desk utilises an innovative touch height locking mechanism to adjust anywhere from1″-15″.

Space saving desk. The top surface area measures 32″–21.3″. Also, it offers sufficient space for various monitor and laptop setups. Space is huge enough to use with a full-size keyboard.

Lift System – The design of the lifting system allows the desk surface to raise straight up and prevent unwanted moving or wobbling. Additionally, the standing desk comes pre-assembled right out of the box and ready to use in seconds.

Almost, the transitions between sitting and standing throughout the day? No worries, this standing desk gives numerous health advantages for the body. Such as enhancing blood circulation, reduced pain and discomfort. Certainly, this desk features a lifting system that elevates the desktop quickly.

Switch up the way you work by creating a more ergonomic desk environment with this desk. Base measures 24.2″ x 18.7″ while the bottom features non-slip pads that protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches.

Steel frame and lift system hold up to 22 pounds. The lift provides a smooth and simple height adjustment. It’s easy to change from sit to stand by squeezing the handle. Numerous factors of height adjustment enable you to find the preferred comfort level between 1.2″ – 15.7″.

Space efficient workspace measuring 32″-23.3″. It helps you produce a perfect workflow. Hence, this desk is best for keyboard and monitor setups. Also for laptop positioning, reading and a lot more.

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