Sit and Stand Single Workstation


Sit and Stand Single Workstation

Sit and Stand Single Workstation

It enables you to find that healthy and balanced in between sitting and standing. This sit and stand single workstation utilises an innovative touch height locking mechanism. So you’ll able to adjust anywhere! Counterbalanced adjustment points enable instant tool-free-repositioning while you work. Additionally, shed extra calories by choosing to stand for periods of your workday.

Moreover, it added features consist of 25″/63 cm total height adjustment. A small footprint and advanced cable management. Quickly transfer your workstation to other areas with this standing desk. HD Model is specially made to handle massive display screens certainly. Also, designed with creativity and quality to help transform your unique workspace! Switching between sitting and standing throughout a long work day.


Weight Capacity:

  • Maximum load on height-adjustment assembly = 32.5 lbs (14.7 kg).
  • Includes weight of display and keyboard in addition to contents on Worksurface and in Cable Storage Box.
  • LCD pivot capacity = 16–28 lbs (7.3–12.7 kg)

Product Benefits:

  • Mobile set up brings versatility right into the workspace.
  • Quickly relocates through doorways and over thresholds.
  • Counterbalanced adjustment points allow installing tool-free re-positioning while you work.
  • Easily and simultaneously lift your keyboard and LCD screen to the proper height for ergonomic convenience.
  • The flexible, open architecture is scalable for future computer equipment.
  • Patented consisted force lift technology that gives fluid, one-touch keyboard and monitors adjustments.
  • The positioning of a personalized computer.
  • Promotes fitness and convenience as you compute standing more. Adding movement activity into your work routine.
  • Customized existing office or cubes by just getting rid of an area of work surface. Rolling in the desk without the expensive cost installers. This desk can help counteract a significantly inactive lifestyle.

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