Sleeping Aid Inflatable Pillow


Sleeping Aid Inflatable Pillow

Sleeping Aid Inflatable Pillow

Sleep through long journeys – Start a trip with this inflated pillow. Sleep comfortably and arrive feeling revitalized. Long haul flights, road trips, traveling by rail? No worries! Take a nap the entire trip with this sleeping aid inflatable pillow.  Sleeping like in a feather without an allergic reaction. This pillow is soft, light and comfortable while completely supporting the head and neck.

If you dread long road trips because you’ve never rested by the time the car starts? This inflatable pillow will undoubtedly help you wander to sleep. Pop it on your knees and relax your head like on a massage table. However, for side strippers cuddle it up and kiss goodnight! Finally, get up and feel energized!

Adjust for Precise Fit – Completely adjustable so you can unwind exactly just how you want it. If you’re small or huge, it doesn’t matter. If your children intend to use it, it will undoubtedly fit them too!

Quickly inflate and deflates – Tired of blowing up? This pillow strikes up soon with just a little effort so that you can use it easily. Three or four blows to inflate and with only one press to deflate.


  • Clip to your backpack and take outdoor camping.
  • Half fill for a conveniently soft trekking adventure.
  • Fill up to a wedge shape and snuggle up while in a hammock.
  • Place on the floor, and rest your head.
  • Create inflight pillow envy while others struggle with their neck pillows.

Size and Materials:

  • Materials: flocking PVC, Synthetic (feels like velvet)
  • Size with air: 55 x 35 x 30 cm
  • Carry bag size: 18 x 13 cm

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